Why I'm Running

I’m running for Delegate because we need more leaders in Annapolis who put neighbors first. Maryland needs a fighter who will champion bold ideas and new solutions.

Donald Trump’s dangerous policies threaten our quality of life in Montgomery County. For me, it’s personal. As a two-time cancer survivor, I’m one of the thousands of Marylanders in the crosshairs of the Republicans’ heartless health care agenda. As an attorney providing free legal representation to refugees, I’ve seen firsthand the fear that Trump has incited. These experiences have only strengthened my resolve to stand up for the people of our state.

Too often, Annapolis politicians from all over the state put large corporate interests over the needs of the people. They get wined-and-dined by industry influencers, but only show up in their communities to ask for votes every four years. They get fat campaign checks—we get higher taxes, astronomical health care costs, never-ending traffic, overcrowded schools, and a rigged economy that isn’t working for the middle class.

I’m not afraid to go big: to fight for universal affordable health care for Maryland, for a New Deal-style infrastructure program focused on transit and environmental initiatives, for full funding for our schools, and for major ethics reform to put people back in charge of their own government. Both the Montgomery County Education Association and the Sierra Club have endorsed me because they know I will stand up for working families, our students, and our environment.

I’m running to shake up business-as-usual politics in Annapolis. We must resist the politics of fear and rediscover the politics of possibility. Our district is brimming with residents of extraordinary talent and expertise. With your help, I will bring fresh energy and innovative ideas to tackle our biggest challenges, without taking a dime from for-profit corporations, their PACs, and their lobbyists.

-Vaughn Stewart


Meet Vaughn

Vaughn has had the good fortune to live all across the United States. He was born in the small Alabama town of Anniston, earned his way to the University of Pennsylvania, and then attended law school at New York University through the use of student loans. But Maryland is home. Since settling in Montgomery County with his wife Alex, Vaughn has found a community he loves—and one he’s invested in.