Vaughn Stewart grew up in a small Alabama town, and used loans and scholarships to attend the University of Pennsylvania and NYU Law School. But Maryland is home. He has found a community he loves—and one he’s invested in.  Vaughn, his wife Alex, and their newborn son Finn live in Derwood.

In 2015, Vaughn served as the Policy Director for Rep. Jamie Raskin’s successful congressional campaign, helping then-State Senator Raskin develop policies to benefit Maryland’s residents. Vaughn was also the Treasurer of the District 19 Democratic Club and a precinct chairperson, where he organized our community for Democratic victories. In 2016, he was appointed by the Montgomery County Executive to serve on the Community Development Advisory Committee. Vaughn also serves on the board of the Montgomery County Renters Alliance, where he helped lead the successful fight for Bill 19-15, which expanded renters’ rights at the county level. Previously, he served on the board of the Action Committee for Transit, where he fought for the Purple Line and other transit solutions to combat traffic in District 19.

From an early age, Vaughn has had a deep commitment to working on behalf of others. This same commitment is what led him to law school, what inspired him to work for President Obama in the White House Domestic Policy Council, and what drives his work as an attorney, where he has not only helped paying clients navigate difficult legal challenges, but also maintained an active pro bono practice representing refugees.

Vaughn knows that bringing about change takes persistence, tact, and good common sense. He also knows it takes a fighter. And that is exactly what Vaughn is. Indeed, in the summer of 2017, Vaughn was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma—his second battle with cancer in the last ten years. But rather than slow Vaughn down, this challenge has only made him more determined to work hard for his fellow citizens.  Vaughn has been touched by the outpouring of support from family and friends—and he realizes how fortunate he was to have an employer that offers sick leave and quality health insurance, two benefits that should be standard across our state. In Annapolis, Vaughn fights to ensure that every Marylander can depend on the same level of care he has been so grateful to receive. Vaughn has never let cancer define him or deter him from public service. The same is true this time, and he is thrilled to be in remission.

As our Delegate, Vaughn puts neighbors first. That’s why he’s not accepting contributions from for-profit corporations, their PACs, or their lobbyists. And that’s why he’s committed to distributing a newsletter and holding regular town hall meetings throughout the district.