Vaughn Stewart is a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, where he serves on the Environment and Transportation Committee. Since joining the legislature in 2019, Vaughn has been a leader on housing affordability, environmental justice, ethics reform, and immigrants’ rights.

Vaughn grew up in a small town devastated by Monsanto. The company dumped carcinogenic chemicals in the air and water, ignoring risks to human health and the environment, long after knowing about the pollutant’s lethal effects. After beating cancer for the second time before the age of 30, Vaughn ran for Delegate to represent working people against corporate interests—so that future Monsantos cannot poison any more rivers, soil, or children.

From an early age, Vaughn has had a deep commitment to working on behalf of others. This same commitment is what led Vaughn to law school, inspired him to work for President Obama in the White House Domestic Policy Council, and drove his work as an attorney, where he represented tenants and refugees pro bono.

In the community, Vaughn has fought for social and economic justice as an organizer and advocate. He championed reliable transit as a board member of the Action Committee for Transit and organized tenants’ associations as a board member of the Montgomery County Renters Alliance. He was proud to serve as the Policy Director for Rep. Jamie Raskin’s first congressional race.

Outside the legislative session, Vaughn works for a nonprofit organization dedicated to using public dollars to create good, family-sustaining jobs. Most importantly, he’s a husband to his wife Alex and a father to their two-year-old son Finn.